A short story/poem about the craziness in my head while I am packing for EMIS. The countdown begins; 31, 30, 29, 28… I begin to pack, I’m nervous but I just can’t wait. 27, the boxes are piling up; some empty, some full, littering the floor. 26, the boxes are empty again, a change of... Continue Reading →


A tear from here to there

Less than a month to the beginning of this amazing experience which gathers together high school students from all over the world in a school designed for high top education – the Eastern Mediterranean International School, shortly known as EMIS. As the time passes the emotions each of us has become stronger and many questions... Continue Reading →

Martina’s first post

I got accepted to EMIS pretty early on, and my reaction was fairly typical. I screamed, jumped around, hugged everyone in my immediate field of vision, screamed some more. Not necessarily in that order. I am a person who has always valued academia very highly (and I say this while begging you not to view... Continue Reading →

Allegory of the dark

  What is home? Is it the familiar faces, which lie at every corner? Is it the things we have grown accustomed to?   Or rather, it is the familiar abode. Long, long ago, how the very air becomes familiar. Soft gales, sweet winds that a stranger would protest and detest.   However we know... Continue Reading →

23 days to the new…

23 days, from the day I wrote this text. 23 days  until I embark into a new journey. In this text I will not talk about this journey.  Simply because describing something that will be a surprise would be a great mediocrity. Of course, I know where I’m going and what I’m going to do.... Continue Reading →

To awesome beginnings!

Everytime a new person learns about my acceptance to EMIS and what it entails, I get told I am brave. After, I always take a few seconds to think why I have been told that, and I realize, from an objective point of view, that it is not easy, leaving your home and your comfortable... Continue Reading →

It’s so close

Day by day, I realize how sudden life is. You think decisively about the paths that you want to follow, but something unexpected, something surprising (good or bad) can change the stream of everything. I remember my mum asking a lot of people about the student’s life in Tirana (the capital city of Albania), she... Continue Reading →

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