It’s so close

Day by day, I realize how sudden life is. You think decisively about the paths that you want to follow, but something unexpected, something surprising (good or bad) can change the stream of everything.

I remember my mum asking a lot of people about the student’s life in Tirana (the capital city of Albania), she was telling me that I would continue my studies in my country. However something deep inside my body, has always told me that I will go further.

This has been the most intensive and stressful year of my entire life. I have struggled and pushed my limits, and I have known that; it is all to better myself. I have gotten a lot of lessons on my way, each has helped to make me stronger: You will win somewhere, if you try!; Stay positive, everything is going to come in its time!; If you do good things, for a good thing, something good will definitely come!, and the most important: Every ending is a new beginning… my new beginning is EMIS.

I learnt about EMIS only three days before the application deadline. I completed and sent all the required documents in a record time. After a bit of research, I came across the ‘EMIS applicants’ and ‘Class of 2016’ facebook groups. I started to chat with a lot of accepted and non-accepted students, which have filled me with hope, courage and support all the time. Our conversations, and sharing continues and I feel blessed more and more. I know that I will be surrounded with amazing people, some of whom will be similar to me, and some of whom will challenge me every day and teach me more than I have ever thought possible.

Merely one day after my second interview, a Sunday afternoon, my laptop announced a new email… I clearly remember that moment: I felt my heart beating, so hard I thought my chest would break open! I opened the email, I didn’t read it carefully and I replied: “Am I accepted, please?” Then I received the same email as the first time, so I had to read it neatly. Yes, it was my acceptance letter! I told my parents, called my grandparents, and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. My biggest irony that day was that I had to study for my final history exam. Yet, despite my best efforts, my mind was traveling; it was traveling to future roads.

Days have passed so fast that I feel I am just being swept along. During this time, I have been occupied by storms of feelings and thoughts: sadness and happiness; smiles and tears; courage and fear, all at the same time, covered by a mantle of believing. I am still the same, my routine is the same, but I feel that my life-changing experience is coming… it is so close!

By, Majlinda Xhaferaj


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