Moving from home to our new home

Just days from now we will leave; we will catch our flight to Israel, no matter where we come from. Chosen students from over 30 different countries will be heading to EMIS, Eastern Mediterranean International School, near Tel Aviv at the end of August 2014
-so am I, Anna from Austria.


Every morning when I wake up my eyes go straight to my calendar, which hangs up on the wall in my room. Here I count down the days, crossing another one off each night before bed, time is passing so fast; it will not be long before we will leave our families and loved ones behind. One last hug at the airport, and then it is Goodbye.

The departure day is not only seen negatively though, on the one hand; it’s obviously our last hug for a decent amount of time but, on the other hand; it is the beginning of a new adventure – EMIS. As the number of days between now and leaving decreases my excitement increases tremendously!

I am ready for the new adventure to start; however I am still working on preparations. I wrote a TO-DO list, which used to seem endless at the beginning of summer but almost everyday another task can be ticked off: VISA, booking a flight, buying traditional clothing and many more are already checked. Figuring out what I will bring, laptop, flag and other important tasks are still to be done. I try to do little bits at a time, but still always keeping my main goal in my head; having everything ready by latest my birthday, which is a week before I leave.

If I am not busy preparing to go, then I am spending my time messaging other future EMIS students from countries all over the world, such as; the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, and so many more.

I am looking forward to meet all the other students, start a challenging adventure of an international boarding school! So far the biggest challenge that I have been warned about, is that there are not enough hours in the day.

Nevertheless I am sure that we will spend two great years in Israel, though it might not be easy all the time, we will look back at in the future.

– Anna-Sophie Kräftner




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