To awesome beginnings!

Everytime a new person learns about my acceptance to EMIS and what it entails, I get told I am brave. After, I always take a few seconds to think why I have been told that, and I realize, from an objective point of view, that it is not easy, leaving your home and your comfortable existence for two years in a new and completely foreign place, and for a few months, I was quite unsure if I should go, and if I was ready for such a big change. And I realized that if it was not this year, it was the following one, and sooner or later, I would have to leave anyway. But this is too big of a change to be lost, and I found myself decided, and looking forward to a new chapter.

Why is EMIS such a big chance to shape your future? You might be surprised, but being in a conflictual zone actually has its advantages, and they are many. You get the chance to see everything firsthand, how it is on the frontline, and you get to be an acting supporter of peace, that being part of the EMIS mission, “Making education a force for peace and sustainability in the Middle East.”

The professors and staff at EMIS are incredibly cooperative and relaxed, way more than I expected when applying, and that considered, I think we will get a very flexible teaching environment, which considers the student’s needs and a not a standard pattern, like the educational system I just left and was quite unhappy with. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is something you could not find in a traditional system, and which offers you a lot of possibilities for future education and a strong base for your possible future career.

The facilities EMIS has, the multitude of things you could practice, including sports such as swimming, basketball, martial arts, the gym, the music and arts department, learning about the environment, and the possibility of coming across so many different cultures from your classmates, who come from all parts of the world (and who are really, really great), and so much about the amazing Israeli culture hands-on, with trips across the country and not only. And these are only a few of what is offered, and what made me ultimately decide. 3 and a few more weeks until we get there, and I am already sure this is one of the best decisions I could have made.

The few words written here are not capable of describing the multitude of things I feel when thinking about the journey that awaits me. It’s true, there are tons of friends I am leaving behind, a sure comfort, a surer support from people near me, and that so I can dive into the fairly unknown. But what is life without adventure, without stepping on a ground you have never stepped before, without travelling, without feeding your soul with new experiences, new people in your life? I expect so much from EMIS and from Israel, and yet know I will not be disappointed. I could not be, when this shapes up to be my first big experience, and yet, one of the best which are yet to come.

– Maria Tirnovanu


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