23 days to the new…

23 days, from the day I wrote this text. 23 days  until I embark into a new journey. In this text I will not talk about this journey.  Simply because describing something that will be a surprise would be a great mediocrity.

Of course, I know where I’m going and what I’m going to do.  When my friends and relatives ask me, I have a good, confident and concrete answer about my destiny in the next two years; a new home in an international school, graduating by the International Baccalaureate, good stuff, huh? Really worth it. Well, I hope they are not reading this now, because, despite everything I tell to reassure them, the truth is that I have less expectations and certainties than excitement and curiosity.

Of course I am sure this will be worth it, but I don’t know exactly what is going to happen so I can reaffirm that it was worth, because it is all a surprise regardless of all my possible previsions. When you decide with your family that you will leave a “quiet” life that you already have in a country such as Brazil, to live in a hectic country such as Israel, leaving behind your specific plans to the future, comfort zone, family, friends, pets and everything that you already love and  have a concrete relationship with, all that you have to expect is a great, and possibly wonderful surprise to your future.

I know, I am going there to study. Here starts my first package of surprises. I am moving from the Brazilian program of studying to a totally different one that will give me more responsibility and liberty to deal with my own time. That sounds amazing, and it is. But how can this novelty impact on my personal growing and how could I possibly prepare to face it? That’s the question.

Also, I am going to share my bedroom with three other girls, from different countries, and I still don’t know them. And certainly, I’ll never interact with shared space the way I did before this experience. That’s the news, that’s the matter!

Studying with almost 70 people from all parts of the world, each one of them with their own history, culture, standards and convictions, that can be radically incompatible from what I’ve developed till now. That’s what will make the best of this experience, and not an itinerary.

In addition,  we will be the founding class of a new school, the first international one in that region. No matter how comforting it would be for the ones who are accompanying my journey  in Brazil, there is nothing I can tell them that works like an accurate prediction of the time I am going to spend there. That’s exactly what is exciting me right now!

And how I am preparing for it? I am just remembering that I’ll face a complete new world in several days. I am valuing all the things that will make me miss Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian people and environment, so  I can show my new friends where I come from, and why I am so proud of it.

I am trying to see my relationships with others in a new way, not the way we see everybody every day, having sure that tomorrow, and after tomorrow, and after this week, this month and this year, we will still be near. I am learning that we learn with people, but rarely remember that things will not be the same forever, so it is important to me to learn with them the maximum I can while I still have this time with them.

I am not dying, I know, but, more unpredictable than what will happen in the next two years, is what will happen when those years get over.

So, the better and most important way to face a big challenge is accepting and learning to love the way things will be upside down, and not trying to make the new life too predictable or too close to the old one. I am taking to Israel, a person, which was built by a previous story, as everyone. I am taking a person with convictions, that will not be changed, but opinions and visions, that can always be enriched by the new. That’s why I love the new.

– Yasmim Franceschi


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