Ma’ayan’s first post

Hello to you all. I thought that a good start would be to tell you that my name is Ma’ayan.

I’m coming from Moscow, not only to go to EMIS, but also to come back home to Israel; something which follows with a great deal of excitement.

I’m excited about all the people I’m going to meet, from how hard it’s going to be, and how wonderful as well.

It feels weird to me that I’m going to a boarding school which is only 15 minutes away from all my friends. The Green Village is a place I used to come to in order to hear them perform, and now I’m going to be living there.

To be honest, my physical preparations didn’t start yet. I mean, I know what I want to take with me, but what if my roommates would hate my Led Zeppelin poster? I guess I will take out another poster that they will like.

The thing I want the most from EMIS is to meet ‘you’ people. Not Israeli, Arabic, Austrian or whatever it is…
I think that when you move from one place to another you can easily feel disconnected; but that just makes you free to be a person and to keep on traveling. To be a ‘you’.

Looking forward to all the experiences!

-Ma’ayan Agmon


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