A short story/poem about the craziness in my head while I am packing for EMIS.

The countdown begins; 31, 30, 29, 28… I begin to pack, I’m nervous but I just can’t wait. 27, the boxes are piling up; some empty, some full, littering the floor. 26, the boxes are empty again, a change of heart and everything I wanted to throw away I suddenly must keep. 25, the hardest part of packing is finding a place to start. 24, I see my friends for the first time since leaving school, I don’t know what to think; their struggles, their stress, I can’t help but feel detached. 23, another day spent re-arranging boxes. 22, tomorrow is definitely the day I’ll start packing. 21, maybe I’ll start with the cupboard, or the book case, or my desk… 20, the books. They’ll have to go; a box for charity, a box for my parents, a small pile for me to keep, three to bring. 19, next the desk, my old school books; no one would want these, I’ll just toss them. 18, a pile of old cards; “Congratulations on your baby girl”, “Happy 5th Birthday!”, “Merry Christmas, looking forward to seeing you next year.” All of these people, some of whom I will never see again, they have all touched me in some way… and I’m leaving this behind. 17, what am I supposed to do with all of this stuff? 16, just over two weeks to go, I really should get a move on with this packing. 15, my clothes cover the floor; I suppose it’s better than them being in the drawers. 14, only two weeks to go and I still have all of this stuff… 13, why is it so hard to pack? 12, but what if I throw things away and I need them over there? 11, finally I have begun to narrow down which clothes I will bring. 10, tonight my leaving celebration with my friends, this is so strange. 9, wow, I’m really leaving. 8, the boxes are out of my room now, was it always this big? 7, one week to go- I’m so unprepared! 6, my bags sit empty, while the pile on my floor is huge. 5, today is my last day at work. 4, this date arrived so fast. 3, have I got everything? 2, I can’t believe tomorrow is the day. 1, Go…

By Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe


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