Happy and Safe in the Middle East

Happy and Safe in the Middle East Before applying to EMIS, I would have never imagined that I would get to visit or even live in the Middle East. But I wanted to challenge myself. So, I decided to take the opportunity to come to study in the Middle East at EMIS. Arriving here a few... Continue Reading →


A description of contradiction  

And finally, the holiday! The gates of HaKfar HaYarok pass over us in a hurry to get to the bus station which is unfortunately on the other side of the street and, “Oh my God we have two more minutes. HURRY UP! The next bus leaves at 4!” The multitude of bags we carry (are... Continue Reading →


Ok, no matter what, I am taking history. I have to. ~~~~~ I guess philosophy is fine... I mean, I like to think, don't I? It means I exist or something. ~~~~~ Finally! My first ESS lesson. Well, there is some history in it... That is the description of the process my third group subject... Continue Reading →

Who knows?

How do you really know how the decisions you make will impact your future? How can you tell if you’re growing and developing yourself or simply challenging yourself with no outcome? Who knows if we all have made this huge mistake or the best experience of our lives? That is the thing that I’m understanding... Continue Reading →

How it all Began…

Hi people! My name is Lavinia, I am an EMIS student from Austria/Romania and for the next two years, I will be providing you with exclusive behind-the-scenes information about our life in Hakfar Hayarok! This is my story; I didn’t fly straight to Israel from home, first I visited a friend of mine in Belgium,... Continue Reading →

This IS Home

Being away from our parents is not an easy task, not only for the people that were attached to their parents back home, but for everyone. We have been here for two weeks, and the collateral effects of the community exposure have started to pop up in some people, including myself. It is kind of... Continue Reading →

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