Who knows?

How do you really know how the decisions you make will impact your future? How can you tell if you’re growing and developing yourself or simply challenging yourself with no outcome? Who knows if we all have made this huge mistake or the best experience of our lives?

That is the thing that I’m understanding here. It came to me while I was in History class, and my teacher stated: “How do we really know that what we know is true? How can we be sure?” Sure about ourselves, our knowledge, love and life. Sounds so philosophical right? I guess that is what the IB diploma is all about- teaching you to widen your perspective and point of view on things, encouraging you to ask yourself the biggest and most complex questions.

I admit, it is pretty scary to have to be obligated to challenge ourselves with these massive global issues and conflicts at this early stage in our lives but on the other hand, this is also the perfect time to open our minds to different questions, disputes, and international matters while our opinions and beliefs aren’t fully intact yet.

EMIS is giving us the gift of acceptance; accepting the fact that we are all different, and come from diverse backgrounds and cultures with traditions that might seem strange to others besides us. But, I have confidence that if we truly build ourselves and receive this gift of acceptance as well as the skills of analysis, trust, and mutual respect towards each other based on our traits as people and not based on our countries’ beliefs, who knows, maybe in a few years we might have the tools and knowledge to actually solve these conflicts and gain a better, peaceful world.

written by Ophyr Hanan, Israel

edited by Alisa Rasch, Austria


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