Ok, no matter what, I am taking history. I have to.


I guess philosophy is fine… I mean, I like to think, don’t I? It means I exist or something.


Finally! My first ESS lesson. Well, there is some history in it…

That is the description of the process my third group subject went through due to schedule problems.

There is not a lot of order; there is the routine search for tables at the beginning of every class, then the search for a common temperature shows up and the needed adjustment to the dining room food.
We complain and feel frustrated but the reality is that we wake up every day in a room. We have walls which shelter us and roommates which put a smile on our face. More importantly, we actually get to learn something. So you discover a new range of knowledge, develop some muscles and change your diet.

My roommates are wonderfully crazy; I could not have imagined to ask for them in my latest ponders. Every day I say to myself that I will go to sleep at 11 but it’s too hard to say good night. I want to eat our diabetes with apples, laugh just a little bit more and listen to their intriguing worlds. How did they get here? Who are these aliens around me? Well, with time they will gain their name and lose their outer space powers. I might lose mine as well.

When lying in my bed now I can’t help wondering to myself, how am I here? I look to the left and see my wall. It has my friends and family, my memories and the talented Glazunov on it. Then I look to my right and see my new friends and their walls. How is it that I already managed to find me a home? Home is a concept that was so far from me throughout my life, especially in the past cold year. I felt as if I am a constant guest in too many houses, even my own. Walls used to scare me, I tried to avoid them, and yet here I am writing about them with love.

 Written by Ma’ayan Agmon

Edited by Maria Tirnovanu


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