Happy and Safe in the Middle East

Happy and Safe in the Middle East

Before applying to EMIS, I would have never imagined that I would get to visit or even live in the Middle East. But I wanted to challenge myself.
So, I decided to take the opportunity to come to study in the Middle East at EMIS.

Arriving here a few hours after the cease-fire was really great. I spent around 30 hours traveling from my city (Salvador da Bahia, Brasil) to Tel Aviv. The travel consisted of flights and long layovers in airports. Since I did not have access to the internet during these hours, I was very concerned about the situation in the Middle East. Thankfully, everything worked out and a long term cease-fire was established.


After exploring Tel Aviv for two days, I came to EMIS. Here, I met amazing people from all over the world that are challenging themselves and taking risks, too. Many of their families and friends did not like the idea of studying in Israel. Many of my friends from Brazil said things like:

“Are you crazy? Are you sure that you are willing to go to Israel?”

But I did not give up. My friends here did not give up too!

Sometimes I do not realize that I am in Israel. It doesn’t feel the same way as it is portrayed in the media. A lot of people think that it is a dangerous country, hit with rockets and bombs everyday. Even if this were true, neither rockets nor bombs would stop me from coming here and achieving my personal goals, trying to learn more about other cultures and languages, while living abroad. But there are two very important goals I want to accomplish while I am here. The first is to make friendships that will last a lifetime. The second is to try to bring peace to the Middle East.


To my friends and family: I am happy and safe in the Middle East!


Written by Rodrigo Ferreira, edited by Hannah Cook


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