Over the holidays I got the chance to visit a somewhat new museum in Jerusalem- 'The Israel-Jerusalem Museum'. It was a great day and two friends from EMIS accompanied me. Everything looked great, but there was this one piece that we simply could not pass by; a simple white chair, the plastic ones that the... Continue Reading →


The Saga

There is a certain mystery to us all here. At the EMIS I mean. A certain whisper, surreptitious as it may be. Which we may whisper within far louder things Something I have come to notice and love. And that is the fantastically void differences between us.  Sure I marvel at the people I find... Continue Reading →

Shabbat dinner

For all this to make sense to everyone, you should know that the weekdays in Israel and in most of the middle eastern countries, go from Sunday to Thursday. So different! It took me a while to get used to. Specifically for Jewish people there is a celebration that remarks the end of the week,... Continue Reading →

The Edge of Words: An Interview with Ms. Natalya, English and Math Teacher

Natalya Soloveychik, one of the teachers at the Eastern Mediterranean International School, accepted my invitation to talk about some aspects in today’s literary world. Her areas of interest, as she doesn’t teach only English, but also Mathematical Studies, gives her students the chance to experience a multidisciplinary side of culture and education. Reporter: First of all thank... Continue Reading →


# was born Jewish. It doesn't matter if my family is religious or if I even want to believe in any God- that is how my community sees me, or at least saw me before I began my adventures. Since I was about 5, I have had to learn about God. Since I was about 8,... Continue Reading →

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