The Hole

We may try and hide it, we may try and disguise it, we may try and not see what is plainly there, but there is a fact that never can escape us.

The places we come from are part of us. They have formed us, and therefore always own a piece of us, one we cannot ever truly let go.

Here at the EMIS, we well manifest this fact. We have come from far and near. From all corners of this, our world and we know well what we left behind.

Our homes!

You may be from Albania, Russia, Poland or Lithuania.

Any place on this rock we so solemnly float through space on.

But we cannot deny, these places that we belonged to, these places we may have called home, own a piece of us and when we leave, we hold on to it.

I know upon leaving, there is something missing within. Something we might forget, something we might not yet see. But it is there waiting, maybe hurting, maybe screaming for recognition.

This for me is being homesick. It is the longing for a piece of us.

So now, I ask my fellow classmates of the EMIS.

Are you homesick?

Or has the thought not even crossed your mind?

I’ve been told we all have it, we will all feel it. And I don’t know if that is truly the case.

But I do know what it will instil.

It will become a knowing memory, something of your home which brought you comfort, brought you pain, brought you fear, brought you hope, brought you a smile.

And you will miss it.

Whether it’s the sweet, merry smell of summer winds.

Or the noisome stench of diesel fumes, passing through your nostrils.

Or the sting of infinite needles of cold against your fingertips.

You will miss it.

So I ask my fellow classmates. (Emisians?) What is it you miss of home?


What is it you will miss of home?

Written by Carlos Sevilla

Edited by Peter Mangi


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