Daily Routine

A typical day in the life of an EMIS student;

6:45 am, “Boker tov! Good morning!” we are abruptly woken up by a house-parent knocking on our door to ensure that everyone is awake.

7:00 am, Time for breakfast! We take a 3-5 minute walk to the dining hall, and observe the beautiful palm trees and Tel Aviv buildings in the distance.

7:15 am, Latest time to check-in with our house-parent in the dining hall. Don’t be late!

7:45 am, Classes start! One period is 45 minutes long and we have eight of them a day. On Wednesday afternoon we also have a 45 minute assembly, and on Thursdays most of us only have 6 classes.

9:15 am, After we mastered two periods of the same class, we have a break for twenty minutes, in which students usually take care of their laundry, eat snacks or just talk with classmates in or around the school building.

11:00 am, Two periods later, after four in total, we have another break and we are halfway through our day!

11:55 am, Lunch time! Everyone finds their way to the dining hall, where we eat every meal. The dining hall follows Kosher guidelines. If pink trays are distributed to us we know it is a dairy meal, and if there are brown trays we know it is a meat meal.

12:45 pm, Back to school!

2:10 pm, Last break of the day, it is time to gain some last energy!

2:55 pm Last class of the day ends, time for a five minute break before Homeroom starts at…

3:00 pm, 15 Minutes of announcements and information

3:20 pm Time for CAS – Creativity Action Service. Students choose from a variety of different clubs such as Student Council, Model United Nations, P.U.T. (Picking up trash), Environmental society, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Theatre, Debate, Journalism, Soccer/Football, Just Dance, Badminton, and many more!

4:20 pm, Official CAS hours (meaning the time allotted on our schedule) come to an end, and most student relax a little bit and then work on homework or study until it is…

6:30 pm, which means dinner time in the dining hall.

7:30 pm, House-parents meeting in our common room, called the moadon in Hebrew, which means “club.”

10:30 pm, Every student has to be in their dorm, in order to have an empty hallway for the dorms on duty to clean the hallways. They mop the floors, clean the club, water the plants, and take out the garbage.

11:00 pm, It is time to turn the light off and find our way to bed. “Laila tov! Good night!”

Written by Anna Kraeftner

Edited by Hannah Cook


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