New Year

These past weeks, EMIS celebrated the Jewish New Year, or in other words “Rosh HaShana”. The Israeli students showed everyone their annual traditions held in honor of celebrating the upcoming year, such as eating pomegranate seeds (based on an ancient myth that says that there are 360 seeds in one fruit) and dipping apples in honey. Basically we ate a lot!

Even if we aren’t Jewish or in my case do not believe in all of the mannerisms of this religion, this week of celebration can really get you thinking about yourself. People usually refer the New Year to goals, dreams and pretty much very optimistic thoughts. But should we really “refresh” our lives and start fresh? I for one started reflecting about the deeds that I performed, the mistakes that I committed and the friends that I have made and have lost. I believe in learning from our past mistakes, but never forgetting them. So let’s makes sure this New Year at EMIS will be the best it can be. I hope we grow during this year into becoming whatever it is we came here to achieve.

So שנה טובה ומתוקה, which means: “Have a sweet New Year!”

Written by Ophyr Hanan

Edited by Alisa Rasch


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