This week, buttoned shirt day, which takes place on Mondays, was not followed by anyone except a few students. Most of us just forgot about it. There was a need for something slightly different, and that’s how the idea of our very first Pajama Day came up.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t break any Kfar HaYarok rules. We aren’t allowed to wear too short pants or showing our shoulders during classes but, somehow, your bed outfit in Chemistry is okay.

It was actually the last step to make the school building our home. School here has a life beyond just attending classes. Movies are watched, parties are attended and even sleepovers are held sometimes. Banning jeans, high heels and sandals is in fact more meaningful than just being able to wake up two minutes before breakfast and for some, skipping morning shower.

Here, following this (new) tradition doesn’t mean you’re a lazy person who can’t even put on jeans and a proper T-shirt but that you’re comfortable enough to ease your tensions about unwritten social rules. It’s definitely not something we would do in our former schools.

If you think about it, every day is Pajama Day. One unwritten rule in my former school concerning education was: “a good student should be passive, keeping quiet and straight on the chair”, whereas at EMIS it is about taking action on your education. In the process of building it, you have the right to be extremely creative.

EMIS lets you take a walk on the fine line of the rules. When did we decide it wasn’t acceptable to wear your pajama during the day?


by Aina de Lapparent

edited by Alisa Rasch