Shabbat dinner

For all this to make sense to everyone, you should know that the weekdays in Israel and in most of the middle eastern countries, go from Sunday to Thursday. So different! It took me a while to get used to.
Specifically for Jewish people there is a celebration that remarks the end of the week, the Shabbat.
If you ever come to Israel you will be able to see the tradition of how the Shabbat celebration is spilt, when it starts and ends. As far as I’m concerned, Shabbat goes from when the first star shines in the sky on Friday to when the first star appears on Saturday.

Here in our school, we have special dinners to celebrate Shabbat every week. When we go for dinner in the dinning hall on Fridays, we must wear white shirts in respect to the culture based on the religion here in the Hakfar Harayok.

It is not such a big deal, just use a fully white shirt. When I say special dinner, i mean it. We don’t have meat in any other dinners throughout the week!!

Besides the better food that is offered, unconditionally, on every second fridays we also have a disco party in the dinning hall!!

This is what happens: people go to the dinning hall to have the fancy shabbat dinner in their white shirts that ends around 8 o’clock. Then everyone goes back to the dorms with the good vibes of the start of weekend. Some people go to their rooms to relax, some hang out in the halls, others go change and get ready for the expected disco party!!
This pretty much sums up how our Shabbat days go. From relaxing to hanging out with friends, maybe doing some homework. Then wrapping all of it up with a big shabbat (meat) dinner and a big dancing party(every second week, only 😉 )

Written by: Gabriel Berdet

Edited by: Eng Sou EA


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