The Saga

There is a certain mystery to us all here. At the EMIS I mean. A certain whisper, surreptitious as it may be. Which we may whisper within far louder things

Something I have come to notice and love.

And that is the fantastically void differences between us.  Sure I marvel at the people I find who are and think like me, like us. I delve further to say we all have found the people who so uncannily share with us, pain or thoughts or bile or grief or even hatred.

But now, it is the differences I want to talk about, and the music. The beautiful beautiful music.

Because now our campus is alive with music. And this is because of the grand opening for our school, where most of us will present some form of debauchery.

But I want the mystery. What’s the mystery?

It is the ethnicity of us all and how well displayed it is by the music we feel so inclined to administer. We all have a song and now as we stand under a school dedicated to peace, we thought it best to also have our song for peace.

We all have our own song for peace. Whether it be Anyone Else but You or Imagine, it is still our own. And that is what makes the EMIS such a strong institution to the core. We are united, not by the similarities, a shared goal, or a shared cause, or a shared song, or whatever. It is that we have all sought a different thought, a different form of peace.

Perhaps one we were not entirely aware of.

I might try to discredit the preppy singing of some or what I might call incessant bleeding of The Beetles. But in the end I cannot help but sit back in awe at the variety. The multifarious faces of people, of our people.

In awe really, that there is something I do not know.

That is the mystery. The song I never knew. And hopefully songs I will now pay attention to.

So this is basically just a fancy way of saying that we want to share the songs, and dances we so whimsically prepared for ourselves. The opening will be grand, diverse, new, for all of us.

So just come on down; give it a look, a share. There will be something new to find, I guarantee.

The music will call out to you, at least one of those caustic emotions within you.


Written by Carlos Sevilla

Edited by Peter Mangi


One thought on “The Saga

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  1. Identify yourself, please?
    I wish you all a ‘funtastic’ opening day and may you never -ever- stop singing and dancing to your music!

    Best wishes from Down Under,

    W ‘;o)


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