An open poem

While running in the rain You will not hear me singing But a million of broken chains That tomorrow won't be swinging At next words you'll throw at me I will stand, and disagree The world's not your definition There's no need for your permission   And never mind If I can't rime From time... Continue Reading →


Are you still who you are?

You come to a new setting. A new life. A new everything. You have already been through the selective processes proving your potential, the capacity you have of being an independent being and how psychologically prepared you are to move away from everything. Everything being your parents, your city, your friends and in some cases,... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare

The Nightmare When silence within ye, Release in the mortals glee Plutonian Gales embracing The aperture awaits When stringing and elates Ye Dreamers beware For there is a place Astringent and fair For mortals that dare In Darkness who lurks With shadows of Kings And death who sings Of powers beyond this our veil For,... Continue Reading →

Covalent Bonds

On the right side a male is being described, on the left a female. It is written close to each other because their thought are thought at the same time. Inspired by the concept of covalent bonding. I run, and run, and run. Something is about to happen. I know it in the back of... Continue Reading →

Anna’s Adventures in EMIS (German)

This article talks about the journey of an EMISer coming to EMIS for the first time from Austria. Please click on the link to read about her time here: Eating Kosher and Wearing Dirndl  Anna Kraeftner, 17 years old, has a 12-hour day and lives in a room with 3 other girls. Privacy? None.... Continue Reading →


I still look for vital answers into mundane questions I still hold the right words into the wrong sentences I still share my present with a one so absent I still touch the same sores that haven't been treated I still persist in the cradle of a lie I am still comfortable lying in this... Continue Reading →

EMIS adventures of Eng from Cambodia

EA Sou Eng, First Cambodian High School Student Receiving Scholarship To Study in Israel. EA Sou Eng, a former grade 11 at the Pannasastra International School, has received a scholarship to study an International Baccalaureate (IB) at the Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS) in Israel. The award was part of the United World College’s scholarship... Continue Reading →

Growing Dreams at EMIS

The European Student Film Festival is seen as one the most meaningful events for students who are studying film and cultures/societies. Our film class at Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS) is part of this community that is eager and hopeful to participate in the film festival in order to achieve two main goals: to give everything... Continue Reading →

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