The thing about bubbles is that they’re so beautiful, yet as soon as you try to touch them they explode. So instead all we can do is watch, as they float to the ground and eventually burst anyway. I think that’s the thing about people as well; sometimes we get so caught up in an idea that seems beautiful to us that we forget to question what might be outside of our bubble. Then, when it eventually bursts, it’s so much harder for us to accept reality.

That’s what happens when you come to a school like this, you get exposed to a different reality. One that changes the way that you think, and questions everything that you think you know. Sometimes we get stuck in a routine; we have familiar places, familiar people, a familiar life, and it’s hard to try to imagine that someone else’s life might not seem so familiar to them. Some people spend their whole lives hiding, all they want to do is be free but instead they’re caged, they want a life and they’re given boundaries. Told what they can and can’t do within their own borders and this is not a life.

I’ve spent my whole life believing that every person has the right to make their own decisions, that laws are there to protect us, and that society functions best if we work together. But I can’t visualise waking up every morning wondering if today I will be safe, if my family will be safe, if my school is still standing where it was the night before. This is the harsh reality that some people live in and its so easy for us, those not directly affected, to turn away and ignore it. We want to pretend that these injustices occur in just a small corner of the world hidden from view, just a tiny patch of dirt on the map. But they don’t, this is something that real people are having to face all over our globe. Can you imagine living your whole life within a set of rules, a cage? Because I can’t, but I’m really beginning to try and I hate the way it makes me feel.

EMIS is a school to inspire change in the world but to make change we have to see a problem, it’s time for us to open our eyes and stop pretending that there’s nothing to see.

Bubbles are beautiful, but we can’t help seeing the world a little differently through them.

Written by: Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe

Edited by: Carlos Sevilla


2 thoughts on “Bubbles

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  1. Very noble. But there is a problem. You can never be sure that you are free. This entry is written by someone who thinks he is free and want’s to help free other people, who he thinks are slaves. And they are. But what if the writer is also in a cage? The worst kind of cage, one that is invisible? The people he helps will be freed from a cage of uncertainty, fear, oppression, famine and illness, but will be enslaved in the invisible cage that I don’t even know how to describe. This sound like rage-against-the-machine bullshit, but that’s what the cage makes you think, if there is one. So now, before you embark on the holy quest of ridding the world of all evil, think, are you truly free? Are your thoughts and opinions your own? Are your actions controlled and your mind oppressed? Who gave you the data that you build your views on? Can it be verified? Written just to make you start from yourselves, because a slave freeing a slave doesn’t change anything, only adds more food to the cage and makes you happy to be in one.


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