A Timeless Second

Today I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life. Maybe I’ve seen livelier colors, or more interesting shapes in other sunsets. The truth is that the sundown of today captured me, and, like many things that capture the heart, the reasons why our hearts get entangled with them is a mystery, a beautiful mystery.

The moon seemed to smile, though she barely showed herself to the world, almost as if she were ashamed to show herself like that; naked, beautiful. Heaven and Earth were no longer two, but one and thousands at a time. The evening colors melted in the shadows that night. And just where the sun was, about to fall forever, colors not distinguishable any more; there was no line, no day or night. There was only now, the present moment.

Sure, as a child I learned that beautiful moments are worthy of a photo. Then, almost instinctively, I made a cuadrangular gesture with my hand, cursing and regretting the fact of not having a camera with me, as I befitted my vision for what I thought would be a perfect picture.

But at that moment full of infinite beauty that flooded me ceaselessly, I realized I did not need any camera. Enough was to feel and live. Because the cameras pretend to steal a piece of time in the universe to perpetuate it, when in reality it is left in oblivion. But at the same time, a piece of my soul wanted to stay there, in front of those infinite colors without form or concept, facing the falling sun that never ends. And my soul stood there, in intimacy with that immense sky that seems to be bottomless, with the feeling of having the reflection of that sky.

And in that moment I knew that although I may forget that moment later, or that even when I have a cane and a white beard I perhaps won’t have the slightest clue of that instant, and that those vivid colors will fade into nothingness in a few minutes, forever. Nevertheless, a part of me stayed in that moment forever. Because I lived it and because I loved it, profoundly, from the heart. For what is a “forever” but the perpertual continuation of the present?

To have or not have a picture no longer worried me, but instead the fact that sometimes I forget to live and perpetuate every moment inside me, make it infinite and give it an eternal life. Now and again I forget to be born and reborn every day, to see things as new, love them and embrace them with eyes and why not, with every single beat of our existence. Only just to live again forever in a second.  After all, everything and everyone are eternal for a moment. A little timeless moment.

written by José Paulo Morales

edited by Hannah Cook


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