Growing Dreams at EMIS


The European Student Film Festival is seen as one the most meaningful events for students who are studying film and cultures/societies. Our film class at Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS) is part of this community that is eager and hopeful to participate in the film festival in order to achieve two main goals: to give everything we have to offer and to take and appreciate everything that can be taken home from this kind of experience.

Home, where? EMIS is located in Ramat Hasharon, Israel. We are here based on merit and need-based scholarships. We consist of students from 35 countries, and our student body is made up of 20% Israelis, 20% Palestinians, and 60% from the rest of the world. Out of the 80 students, 12 of us take Film as one of our six IB subjects. The 12 of us are a very diverse group, representing 11 countries, and the chance to travel to France representing our school at an international film festival gives us the opportunity to promote and represent the amazing project that EMIS is.

Our school’s mission is to make education a force for peace and sustainability in an area of conflict, and since today media is the most powerful tool to spread ideas, our participation is beyond improving our film-making skills, but also contains broadening our ideas and beliefs. We have a message to deliver and this year’s film festival in France is the right place to let people around the world find out about EMIS, and take our good example and adopt our vision of using knowledge to bring peace to today’s society. Getting the chance to extend our abilities regarding film production would also be very beneficial to our path of success.

Personally, I am afraid of public speaking. I am afraid of public speaking and never liked the idea of asking people for money. In these cases the fear comes from a distrustful feeling that I wouldn’t be able to express my thoughts well enough and, even worse, that my idea isn’t worth being spread out loud and the displeasure of soliciting financial contribution comes from the suspicious impression I get when being asked to give my support through donations. But, as I am trying to always see the good parts, I am working on overriding the fear I didn’t use to have (the festival itself being on my battle plan) because maybe by running from this I lose things, the speech loses its message when it comes to telling people what you stand for. With this attempt at overcoming my fright comes another change: it is of great worth to get out of your comfort zone and ask for help if the reason merits. And in this case it does. I invite you to support us and donate as much as your heart tells you to on, and also I would go on stage right now and tell the world that this, this is what I stand for.

Written by Raluca Ciubotariu

Edited by Hannah Cook


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