EMIS adventures of Eng from Cambodia

EA Sou Eng, First Cambodian High School Student Receiving Scholarship To Study in Israel.

EA Sou Eng, a former grade 11 at the Pannasastra International School, has received a scholarship to study an International Baccalaureate (IB) at the Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS) in Israel. The award was part of the United World College’s scholarship program for Cambodia.

After passing four assessments, Eng was among six other students who received the scholarships to study in different countries around the world. The Cambodia’s selection committee decided to send Eng to study in Israel. Eng has accepted the offer and become the first Cambodian high school student to study at EMIS. Eng said “Without the financial support, I would not be able to afford my study at EMIS. The school fee is too expensive for my family.”

Eng left Cambodia for Israel in late August 2014. Eng is the oldest daughter in a family. Her father is an employee at an embassy in Phnom Penh, and her mother is a housewife. Eng has always wanted to pursue her study abroad and her study in Israel was “a dream come true.” Eng said that “If I did not come to Israel, next year Cambodian students may not dare to come here too. This is a very great opportunity for me.”

Eng indicated that Israel-Palestine conflict did not affect her study and living at EMIS. She explained that just like Cambodia-Thailand conflict in Preah Vichear, clashes between Israel and Palestine broke out mostly at border. Eng added that EMIS was far away from the border and it is a place of protection and a village of schools, called the Green Village or “HakFar Hayarok”. The village provides all facilities for education and parental services for students.

Eng is living with students from over 30 different countries around the world. According to Eng, the Green village is enormous. The school is covered with vast green grass and big trees. There is a horse range at EMIS. Eng said she likes EMIS and the environment around the school very much, because “The place is a village for education” However, Eng said “Learning at EMIS is very competitive both inside and outside the school.” Eng added that “When I am not clear about anything, I always seek help from my teachers and the Internet. Being active outside of classrooms is also required. Luckily, my active participation in volunteer activities in Cambodia is very helpful for the creative action and service project at EMIS.”

Eng is only 16 years old, but she has a very clear vision and strong commitment. Eng said she would come back to Cambodia after she finishes her study and obtains a Master degree. Finally, Eng advised the Cambodian scholarship seekers to take advantages from social media especially Facebook. She asked Cambodian youths to use Facebook to contact former and current scholarship holders for advices on information about scholarship, preparation and tests. Eng also encourages young students to get involve in volunteer activities during their study.


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