Are you still who you are?

You come to a new setting. A new life. A new everything.

You have already been through the selective processes proving your potential, the capacity you have of being an independent being and how psychologically prepared you are to move away from everything. Everything being your parents, your city, your friends and in some cases, the world you built since the first day of your life. You have got what it takes to be here, not to be disturbed by the little things and keep the focus. You should be able to present most if not all of the IB learner profiles.

All that you have been through reflects that you are more than ready for this experience. It might seem hard but you will get through it no matter what. You have seen life, the way the real deal works. Yet, you are opened to see everything from other points of views now, completely diverge from your own. You are ready, you feel ready, to face the adversities you may have to face.

And then you are just lost…

You see yourself floating in space and time, insecure, unprotected and dependent on others, still you are struggling on things you thought you had already overcame.

Living feelings you hadn’t before. Reacting in ways you never had before or even expected yourself to react in the first place.

Living together puts you in extreme situations and at the same time each little thing is able to take big proportions. Little things will still be little things and at the end of the day you still live together. You will go home to the same people every day because they are your new family now. It does not matter what they have done and it does not matter how you feel.

And in the end, after sitting on a bench in the dark by yourself, you look back and realize that you are still the same. The same you have always been. You may be a new version of yourself in a new in phase life but you still have the same essence about yourself. You still have to learn so much about life and deceptions and disappointments and heart-breaks and sadness and happiness. An infinity of things and feelings and reactions and mysteries and, especially, learn how the confusing complicated crazy ways that all these things can affect your life.

Then once you look at yourself sitting alone, and you take a really good look around. There is no one, you are completely alone in the darkness of the night. You see the stars. And you will see that being alone makes you think. It makes you have a long honest conversation with yourself. Suddenly, sitting alone in the dark is not sad, nor happy. It is simply releasing for your soul, comprehending who you are and who you were. It’s about what has always been the same but you never realized and what has truly changed.

I am still the same. How about you?


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