Slavery Day

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery was set by the UN to be on the 2nd of December. I wanted us all to know about it but just hearing is never enough. After talking about this day with a friend, she suggested the idea of binding our hands on that day so we would... Continue Reading →


Who am I?

My name is Emily Perotti. I am sixteen years old. I was born in Colorado, USA. I study at EMIS in Israel. I am average height, with a relatively thin build, hazel-brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I am an American girl who is half Italian and half Chinese. We all know this information about... Continue Reading →

Some kind of apology?

We would honestly like to apologize for our hectic posts lately, or better said, our lack of posts lately. EMIS is right now in a hard time of the year, the term exams time. Being our first time going through them, we seriously did not know what to expect, as the term "exam" hung upon us... Continue Reading →

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