What are the thoughts that come to mind when you wake up and realize that you are sleeping in a bed in a school that is XXXXX kilometers away from home? These are not the things I think of much in the mornings anymore. The reason being that I have grown accustomed to the lifestyle that has been created here at EMIS.

I have met people, had experiences, and travelled to places that have changed how I view myself as a single being in this microcosm called EMIS. In this microcosm there are people from all over the world; places that make up the macrocosm that is Earth. We have all congregated with a common goal in mind. Everyone stands by our school’s vision; to be part of a school that uses education as a force for peace and sustainability in the world.

There is just one key difference about this specific microcosm. It is composed of mainly adolescents who are all trying to better understand themselves, while trying to first adapt to this new place that no one is completely familiar with. Some people have reached different points of understanding on certain topics in comparison to others. Conflicts might arise due to this as everyone has a different mentality on specific topics. Regardless, there is this saying with a message I really believe in: “If you never forgive anyone for the mistakes they have made, you will end up with no one.”

Things will happen, mistakes will be made, but we must continue with our lives here together. The only option is to keep moving forward delving deeper into this microcosm that has been structured for us. Now that it has been created, it is up to us how it will be molded and changed. We, as the students of the inaugural year at EMIS, are an important factor for the success of this school. Knowing this, we must all work together to make EMIS the best microcosm that anyone would be proud to be a part of.

Written by Emily Perotti