Some kind of apology?

We would honestly like to apologize for our hectic posts lately, or better said, our lack of posts lately. EMIS is right now in a hard time of the year, the term exams time. Being our first time going through them, we seriously did not know what to expect, as the term “exam” hung upon us like a big, grey cloud of worry and stress and books waiting to be summarized, PowerPoints waiting to be read, the Math book expecting us to solve her problems. Everywhere you went, in every possible room or place in campus, all you would see are people with some sort of open book around them.

Apparently it worked! We got through a few exams now, we are alive and mostly fine, if we are to judge by people’s opinions. Most of the exams went well, and now we are waiting for the rest and the grades and of course, holiday!

We shall be back soon to our normal posting times. Until then, good luck to everyone who is during finals time or finished, and to everyone else, good luck with life!

– BlogEMIS staff


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