Welcome To the Sound Side

I’m going to ask something as earnest as possible and basically as casually as possible before, in a different article, I do the opposite. But for now, I’ll be frank, I want to tell you about a passion I have, and then I’ll tell you how I plan to bring it to you; my fellow EMISers. Now how shall I commence….ah yes… of course…. The story:

It all began on a rather dull history evening, a Tuesday probably, where I was intrepidly bored. But to my luck, so was my desk mate, Nitzan and what a wondrous thing is collective boredom. It is the source of great plans. So we took the time to do something quite arbitrary to draw a map, of our nation; our land, our own world.  We called, it, Nitzanland and it was the materialization of how we felt the people of the EMIS were. Of course we did not add everyone, but it was simply our imaginations on a piece of paper, just a device, just a way to be and be entertained. Any way, we drew this map and were enthralled by the implied story behind the beautiful land of Nitzanland. What would it be? What wonders awaited within.

We must have thought about it a few days until we let our own excitement in such a strange thing pitter out. However it only took: wet weather, Mantas Pastolis, benches and ice cream for us to once again be enthralled by the idea. A mystical land, with its own story. I then postulated to her that we could write one of those fantasy books, parallel to the mystical land of Harry Potter, or Narnia. I had the story, I had the characters. All we needed was the desire to write, or draw in Nitzan’s case.

It was born on that bench.

I love to draw my own worlds, write my own worlds; regardless of how they may reflect the world I take part in every day. Still, this is my passion, and the way I have chosen to share it with you all, my family of EMIS and whoever it may concern is by writing for you all.

Here is the proposal: Every week Nitzan and I will write and illustrate the magical land of Nitzanland. It will be about you, each of you will be a character and it will represent the tale we write here at EMIS without even knowing it.

That’s all, new chapters on Thursdays. Here’s the link: Join us if you wish:


By Carlos Sevilla
Edited by Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe


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