Who am I?

My name is Emily Perotti. I am sixteen years old. I was born in Colorado, USA. I study at EMIS in Israel. I am average height, with a relatively thin build, hazel-brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I am an American girl who is half Italian and half Chinese.

We all know this information about ourselves. It is what shapes us as we grow up. These are the things we tell people in a first meeting or through our identification. People can identify me by the description I have given above. When you think about it though, are these traits really all that important?

These facts can be argued as important. They are of course, but only to people who may not have a particular affinity with you. Anyone who might know you better understands that there are more layers to you as a person, than just your identification. A person has feelings, emotions, and traits that make them different from the next. It is these things that define you. Maybe you are aware of these things, and maybe you are not. As time passes they may become more prominant, whether through self-discovery or the influence of others.

One of my personal beliefs is that EMIS will aid me in this discovery. During my time here I will have experiences that will shape me into the best version of myself. EMIS will help me find myself and set me apart from the other 7 billion people in this world. I do not just want to be another application whether it is for school or a job. I will become more than that.

As a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, I say that every decision has an impact on the life you live. Some may be larger than others, but all are important. Newton stated, “to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” Now I am no physics student, but I do know that this is an important law, and must be taken into careful consideration when making decisions that will affect our lives.

We have the power to define ourselves. This is an opportunity that must not go to waste. Each day should be used to make progress in the journey of becoming our best self. With this mindset we can all become more than what is written on a piece of paper.

Written by Emily Perotti


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