Slavery Day

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery was set by the UN to be on the 2nd of December. I wanted us all to know about it but just hearing is never enough. After talking about this day with a friend, she suggested the idea of binding our hands on that day so we would not have the option to forget. Red strings were prepared and put in our group club and mostly all of them were used up by the students who chose to participate.

I find slavery hard to imagine, especially when I live my reality in a first world country, studying in a place like EMIS, but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe it exists. Slavery comes in many forms we should be aware of, whether it is human trafficking, child soldiers or even forced marriage. I mean, about 21 million people, young to old, are enslaved around our world.

To tell the truth, my day did not change that much. I still went to breakfast, still took my Arabic quiz and still smiled with my friends. Why do it then..? Because when I wanted to hug someone I couldn’t and when I wanted to P.U.T (“pick up trash”) I had to think of my every step and hand movement. So maybe this is the reason I was happy when it was December the third; my hands were again fully mine.

We all argue when we are mistreated- whether it is a saying we did not like or a grade we did or did not deserve. I know we all know that slavery is pretty bad but I still want to remind you to take time and think about it. Some might realize how lucky they are, some will end up abolishing slavery and I think all of us will have these days when we won’t feel too free. For now knowing, thinking and maybe even volunteering is enough.

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Written by Ma’ayan Agmon

Edited by Maria Tirnovanu


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