When a New Year Comes

When a new year comes people make lists. Lists about: presents, last minute duties, reflections, New Year’s resolutions. And above all, lists about dreams. Students at EMIS dealt with a number of lists this holiday and regardless if these were related to school, family, friends or feelings, you probably did too.

Whenever winter holidays are close we find ourselves running to the place we consider our home, running until our legs are exhausted and our hearts can’t cope with the speed anymore. So, waking up from our ultimate loving anchor in a noisy airport, a crowded bus, in a tropical or a frozen country, or just in our stormy thoughts is proof that the powerful attraction to our roots is inevitable around this festive time.

There is no way to deny this is the most suitable period to bring the past and the future together. Hoping that you stepped into the present year of 2015 with precious memories and ambitious goals and that the “Holiday Wishes from EMIS” video made its way to your heart, I invite you on behalf of our school to keep following us this year too.

Now the world is back to school. And so are we, as we are representative of the whole world. We gather again in this timeless kingdom of friendship and knowledge that we’ve built together. Beginning again is just continuing the story from where we left off, because the reunion is another reason to celebrate. So when I saw my friends again and heard their stories I felt like I was there with them, visiting every corner of the world. And when it was my turn to tell my story I felt like sitting on the edge of a cliff: I felt joy for the moments shared with my family and friends this winter, I felt joy for being back here and curious about the upcoming adventures, I felt fear when I realized how unknown the future is to me. I realized I didn’t get to write my list before midnight, but then I remembered how seeing the fireworks on a clear sky, freezing at -25 °C was the moment I felt my soul.

Because when a new year comes, it’s not just about lists. People want to think it is, but the reality hits you just when you live that moment when your soul is revealed, when you feel you are light enough to fly, because the strong sentiments you possess for this whole world are not the weight pulling you down, but the fuel pulling you up. That’s when you know you’re in the right place and your life is only going to get better. Happy New Year!

By Raluca Ciubotariu

Edited by Hannah Cook


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