Rodrigo’s New Science Journal 2015.

Since I’m really passionate about Science and Innovation, I decided to write articles about it here in the EMIS Blog! If you want to be updated regarding cool scientific discoveries, innovations, experiments, scientists and researches, take a look here at the EMIS Blog! My articles will be published on every other Thursday. I hope you enjoy them!

During Christmas, a lot of EMIS students went back home. However, others spent the winter-break with host families abroad. For instance, I spent my winter-break in the West Bank instead of coming back to Brazil.

Not only other students and I spent Christmas and New Year’s evening far away from family and home. Scientists working in places such as the North and South Poles, Greenland, Sudan, South Africa, and the Indian Ocean also spent the winter-break far away from family and home.

 If you are interested in knowing what they were doing during these times, check this online podcast presented by Ian Sample from The Guardian newspaper. They interviewed scientists working during Christmas and asked mainly about their research and daily activities.





I also would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! 2015 is a year of a lot of expectations regarding science. I will try to make a post about each one of them in the future.

  • In March, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will reboot and the scientists will be able to check the results.

  • It is expected that U.S. and China, the main carbon emitters, will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Hopefully, the Ebola epidemic will be over.

  • If you want to see more of the predictions for 2015, take a look on the special post by the Nature magazine.Link: hope you enjoyed my first article about Science and Innovation! Feel free to comment or to share it with your friends!

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