Outside the Bubble

When I was little I wanted to be a princess, then a gardener, then a food critic. For the past few years I have had my sights set on a more reasonable career in the medical field. I only had my sights set on the final goal, without thinking about the steps needed to take in between to reach my intended destination. It was not until entering into my first of the final two years of my predatory education that I really began to learn about the steps in between and how to accomplish them.

Had I stayed at my previous high school in the USA things would probably be much simpler. I would go to sit for the SAT and ACT exams. The scores would be sent along with my high school transcripts to the colleges I had chosen throughout the USA. Before coming to EMIS I had only ever thought of applying to schools in the USA and possibly Canada. I had never put much thought into the process that will be the beginning of my career path.

Since arriving at EMIS I have learned how many more options there are to achieving whatever career goal you may desire. There are schools all over the world that are more than capable of providing an excellent education to all students. There are programs a bit unconventional to that of schools, which were founded hundreds of years ago. Especially in today’s generation where technology has become much more customary, new careers are appearing that before might have seemed impossible. Ideally, if you can dream up the career there will be a way to make it happen.

One of the reasons that changed my views and piqued my interest is that in different countries the path for the same career is completely different. An example of this is the path to medical school. In the USA and Canada a student must complete four years of undergraduate courses before four years of medical school. This differs from most of Europe where students head straight to medical school to complete a six year program. These are important things to consider when deciding on how you want to pursue your future.

Overall without much knowledge of the wide variety of options there are in the world close-mindedness will continue. This is why the concept of attending an international school has such a great appeal. The opportunity to learn more about topics and ideas that would otherwise not be discussed, with the input and thoughts of students who have been raised across the globe, is one that should be cherished and never taken for granted. Any student looking to widen their views and have a change of pace should definitely take a look into exploring the world that attending an international school will open you to.

Written by Emily Perotti


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