A statue?

Let’s stop talking about the diploma
There’s more to see
Let’s just look beyond
I wanna talk about
About what’s going on
Out of this bubble
We live a curious time
Don’t draw you’ll get in trouble
Is there a reason for a crime?
Maybe I shouldn’t start to rhyme
Keeping critiques low
My pen down
A safer way to get around
But is it safety that I need?
To what would that lead?
Tell me what happened to us
We used to be so proud
We used to shout,
Freedom, fraternity, equality
Where are all this y words?
Let’s close our eyes away
From all these news updates
Let’s remind
What is behind
To those for who we made a statue
All these anthems
All these meaningless words (speeches)
Are burying freedom?
It is people who’s being killed without a reason
(not a valid one)
When we’ll tell the story
(In which can’t be found glory)
“A pen that’s where it begun…”
Who will believe it?
Nobody, let’s admit it
So our voice will echo
Sounds of a past New York
If I may ask
Let’s not use that tragedy to our purposes
Let’s not use that incident to justify ourselves
Let’s not make symbols of people who didn’t want to be
Anything but to laugh about what was


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