Rose Colored Glasses- A short story

A dark shadow crossed her face as she saw him. He looked at her with sad eyes. Eyes in which she once could sink. Eyes which could look into her soul. Eyes, which she had trusted.
She could remember with clarity the last summer. Back when everything was still ahead of them, when everything was still good. They went to the fair, nearly every day.


– Aren’t you tired of coming here over and over again?
He looked at her with a playfully annoyed look.
– Never!
She laughed her bright laugh. Whenever he saw her like that he could hardly believe his luck. The most wonderful person in the world was standing right in front of him. With her hazel eyes, her long, straight hair and her face, her beautiful face that looked like an angel. She was his personal angel.


What was left over from that time? Nothing. Nothing, except of a pair of small, rose-colored glasses. Worthless, as it seemed, insignificant, and yet infinitely precious. They lay motionless in the corner of her room, she had never taken them away from there. Motionless, almost as if they wanted to mock her. With their sweeping curved edge, they looked like a devious smile. Nothing was left, nothing except those rose-colored glasses.


– Let’s go to the shooting gallery!
-Again? I invested all my savings in winning this huge teddy bear. I am a broke man!
Lovingly, she pushed him.
– Come on, stop being so dramatic!
She had won this fight from the beginning. He could never say no to her.
– Okay, but now it’s my turn to shoot.


And how he had shot. Bulls-eye.


– Well, young man, what prize do you chose?
He looked at her with asking eyes.

– The rose-colored glasses.


She had not chosen the glasses randomly. They were a symbol for what he meant to her. He offered her protection. With him, everything seemed much easier. Through him it was as if she saw the world for the first time. As if she saw it for real. They were the only thing left, those rose-colored glasses.


– Why?
– I’m so sorry! Really, I …
– I can not hear it all over again! Get out, get out of my life. Please, just go …
A small tear glistened in her eyes, her beautiful eyes … He never wanted it to get so far, never wanted to be like that.
– Please go.
Her voice was empty now. No anger was heard, no more grief. He flinched as if someone slapped him.
– Please, she said again, weakly.
He looked around her room for one last time. In the corner he saw the rose-colored glasses. Like a relic from another time. A prop of a finished movie that had no use anymore. That no longer belonged there. No longer belonged in his life. He walked out slowly, with hanging shoulders, the rose-colored glasses still in his mind.

Written by: Lavinia Gavrilovici

Edited by: Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe


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