Bread and Chocolate

Chocolate and bread have always been essential nourishments in people’s lives. They bring us closer to ourselves and make us reflect on our identity and roots. There is no occasion when you can be happy without celebrating the joy with chocolate, not to mention about surviving sadness and it’s only at that moment you crave for your traditional bread when you know you’re missing home.

It is a whole different story, though, when you stop referring to the two ingredients as separate entities and start calling the combination “bread and chocolate”, or even “chocolate bread”, as if these were replaced by a homogenous substance. This becomes the appetizer you are sharing with your roommates when you’re late for school, the meal you have in the breaks when you missed breakfast, and the dessert you’re making for later, after feasting in the dining hall. It’s the positive effect of bread and chocolate of bringing people together that makes you forget how unhealthy this irreplaceable sweet dish can be!

Bread and chocolate is an EMIS recipe, taken from the Kfar Hayarok, the campus we live in, and adapted so that it got an international flavour. Who would have ever thought that this combination, served cold or hot, soft or crispy, single or double, would encourage the friendship bonds between students coming from 5 continents, having different shoe sizes and different styles of measuring them, being vegan or vegetarian or just undecided, to be indestructible?

There are infinite examples of what bread and chocolate end up symbolising for our community: carefulness, energy, chaos or peace. Maybe for you, the reader, this doesn’t say much, but take it as an open invitation to value the time spent eating together and sharing food with your beloved ones and after this you will understand the reason I saved a line in this cookbook to thank my roommates for being my bread and chocolate buddies.

Written by Raluca Ciubotariu

Edited by Hannah Cook


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