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EMISers love to talk about what happens on campus and their experiences abroad. Over 20 students are reporting here on blogemis.com  but additionally, a few also keep their loved ones updated on their personal blogs, such as Anna, Emily, Melissa, Michiel and Puk.

Anna, Austria, http://annaandheradventures.blogspot.com

Anna My name is Anna and I am a seventeen year old girl from Austria. I previously lived abroad in Canada, and always really enjoyed all the other students’ blogs. Therefore, I decided to create my own one for this adventure. I write about our experience in Israel, my life, the school, the surroundings, simply everything that is going on in the upcoming years!

Emily, USA,  http://emilysofia.weebly.com/

SAMSUNG CSCMy name is Emily and I am from California, USA. Documenting life in a memorable way is always difficult and many times forgotten as the time rolls by by many people. I want to try and share as many small snippets of my experiences as possible. I think that by sharing smaller, more personal details I will want to update more. The blog is mainly to assure my friends and family that  everything is going well. But, as it is in English it is free for all to come and take a look. I hope that by blogging I will remember more of my adventures in Israel, as well as where ever I might go next. Aloha!

Melissa, Germany,  http://melissaselzener.blogspot.co.il/


My name is Melissa and I’m from Germany. I wanted to create a blog for the 2 years I would spend in Israel, because I think it is a great possibility to share parts of my life with friends and family in Germany, although they are far away. This is why the blog is in German. The main part of the blog consists of photos, I just love to take them, so it may be interesting even if you don’t understand German. It is a personal blog focusing on moments I experience here. I want to keep those moments as a memory and remember them.

Michiel, the Netherlands, http://michieldew.wordpress.com

Michiel 2Hey, I am Michiel, 17 years old, and I am from the Netherlands. The blog was created because of my friends and family that wanted me to start one, to let them know about my happenings here in Israel. This is why my blog is in Dutch. I don’t post new things that often, but when I do, it is a lot. It is not a stupid thing to do, since I really try to write down what I feel, and so the posts are kind of personal diary entries that I share with everybody back home. Also there are quite a few photos on there as well, for example when the whole school went for a trip in the desert. I hope these things can give you an insight on how it is to be in an international boarding school!

Puk, the Netherlands, pukputih.wordpress.com

PukGoeieeedag people, my name is Puk de Roij and I am from the Netherlands. I have a blog to write experiences I have here in Israël, the Netherlands and other places, even my dreams. Kidding. I love the humus and my roommates and neighbors, also the chocolate in the dining hall 😜 I live in an International boarding school in Israël and I am enjoying it a lot. Here you can find my stories xx Puk ;))

Personalblog header 2 finished
Collage by Naomi Theinert

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