Take a Moment to Think

It’s one of those things that everyone has but would not rather give away. Somewhere in the open or hidden away is a place where everyone goes to find solace. Whether it be to Skype, study, or just collect their thoughts, it’s somewhere that feels most comfortable. There is a certain comfort in sitting without worries about the world, and all the things passing by. All of it is relative. Some might find this place in commotion, which allows themselves to focus in on nothing but their thoughts within the bustle around them. Others however may look for seclusion, a silent space that causes your thoughts to pound through your head and you almost wish there was something to break the silence.

Every situation comes with different complications. Living far away from home at boarding school is just one of the many possible examples. Thrust into a new situation with no prior knowledge except that it will be an experience that will change your life forever is a large mouthful to swallow. So many thoughts rush through your head as you try to arrange them into orderly lists to ease the nervousness. It is an intimidating challenge to conquer and not to be done in one sitting. Breaks are inevitable, and there is a time and place to settle all the craziness that surrounds you.

To each his own because everyone feels most at home in different situations. These situations too, can be interpreted differently by people with different mindsets. “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” (1) Some want to dive into the noise and find themselves among the adrenaline and chaos. It heightens their senses and brings out their true desires. Yet, others find true happiness in the time alone to collect these thoughts. “Does not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?” (2) Some say that silence is noise and that the loudest scream cannot be heard at all. It is about understanding the best way for you to decipher the inner working of your clockwork and act upon it.

Truly understanding who you are as a person is very beneficial. By understanding yourself you are better prepared to face anything that might be thrown at you during your life. Especially in the case of being at a boarding school where self-reliance is even more crucial. So stop whatever you may be doing, find a place to sit, and just think. Think about the difficult situations faced in the past and how they were dealt with. Were there some that the recovery was much faster or easier? Understanding one’s self must be done in order to then be able to go about a more positive and accepting way.

  1. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
  2. Lawrence Durrell, Justine

Written by Emily Perotti

Edited by Eng Ea

Photo credit to Ophyr Hanan


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