Those Moments

Life is a weird thing sometimes. It does what it does and suddenly, without realizing it, you find yourself with an Ecuadorian and a Dutchie inside a teepee. Inside a campus you thought you knew, it’s a place you’ve never seen before. It’s dark outside, and all you see are their shapes. You can’t even see their faces, but the sound of their voices comforts you and makes you feel safe. It’s one of those moments, those magical moments that deserves more appreciation than you are able to give. It’s in those moments that you learn the truly important facts of life:  you learn that your childhood is pretty much over, and that you’re probably never going to live with your parents again. You realize how everything that has happened in the past, every opportunity taken and not taken, every word spoken and every word unspoken, they all led to this one place, to this precise moment. You start to wonder. You start to be thankful. For this beautiful moment perfect in all of its imperfections.

I look into the warm, brown eyes of my Ecuadorian friend, and I see a sharp mind and a beautiful soul. I see a violent force; strong like a hurricane, soft like a feather. A force which is going to change the landscape of this world and make it into a better place, a place worthy of living in. I look into the pair of blue-green eyes next to him, and I see compassion and love for people. I see a giant heart and the potential to decipher even the most complex soul. I can’t help but feel grateful and genuinely happy for being surrounded by such stunning people. Together, we created a magical moment, a moment that we did not feel like ending. However, it’s the fugaciousness and fragility of those minutes that make them precious. So, unwillingly, we let it slip through our fingers and watched it fly away.

Written by Lavinia Gavrilovici
Edited by Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe and Hannah Cook


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