“This past week, the students of EMIS had the distinct pleasure of simply being alive, and this is what they did with it…” For the last few months on goers of the IB history class have had the distinct pleasure, at least a pleasure from one perspective, to study Russian revolutionary history. Our class, taught... Continue Reading →


ANNA! Why?Why?

WHY? I know I’m not the only one to delay articles, ok?! You know “I’m not the only one…” (Smith, Sam) Lord!!! Inspired by Aina, my dear, I decided to take a look back at my own articles. Honestly, I feel sorry for you all who have been reading my articles specifically. Not because of... Continue Reading →


There’s a crowd of people ahead of you putting their heads through a white and blue lanyard that they have been told is basically their lifeline. They’re all young, the spots on their face evidence of them being somewhere between an adult and a child, and yet they’re all dressed like miniature politicians or ambassadors.... Continue Reading →

The Highest Roller Coaster

The only constant of people is their inconsistency. Truth is that your only problem is getting attached. Is it true that all of us are, at one level or another, attached to a routine? The sure destiny of tomorrow, predicted events, what happened yesterday is likely to happen today and as likely to happen tomorrow,... Continue Reading →


Perhaps my greatest pleasure came from it being in black and white. There is something magical in the decision to put colors aside. Every day we see them around us, every minute, but on some very special cases one gets the chance to sit in a dark room for 80 minutes and just imagine. Hear... Continue Reading →


Thank you! This is a collage commemorating our 20,000 view special. I chose the best photos from all the existent posts on BlogEMIS to help us remember all the amazing experiences we have had here in the past 6 months! Thanks to all our viewers for their support! We hope you stay tuned for our... Continue Reading →

What do you fear?

Fear has four letters. How sinister can that be? Let’s try to find out.   Fear is many things, It is the tempest outside, Kids inside crying. No lights in the house. It’s too bad you’re totally Afraid of the dark.   Spiders crawling up. Arachnophobia sucks, Please no creepers here.   The water was... Continue Reading →

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