Tucker Barrows: A Man of History and Nature

Abstract: For those who are confused, as to this latest enterprise, it is my goal, Carlos Sevilla, journalist extraordinaire, to uncover the truth behind our teachers. To discover the hidden reality of the educators we see every day and to assemble a decent profile of each one. These profiles will include both poetic and practical information on these amazing people who bring their passions to the classroom every day.


Tucker Barrows: A Man of History and Nature




“Amateurs think about tactics, professionals think about logistics.”

I wrote This travelling In Nepal          I wrote This in Abu Dhabi 

Hipsters galore,                                   Shade between tall buildings at midday,

In Badipur-                                          Cricket Behind the mosque-

On their way to Pokhara.                    Minarets.


Tucker Barrows, Flamboyant and adventurous, first started the trail that would lead him here, teaching at the EMIS, following the end of his studies. Turning down the opportunity to study in Sevilla, Spain, Tucker Barrows, instead chose to follow his passion for teaching history. This drive first led to a teaching Position in Abu Dhabi, but after 3 years of work, once again, the impulse for change overtook him.

“I like being an educator, I wanted to stay in this field, but also I felt like my interests had changed.” (Tucker).

Constantly enthralled by the promise of exploration, he soon quit his teaching position, in search for a new venue, if possible, in the Middle East. It was then that he first came across the Eastern  Mediterranean International School. After a teaching opportunity in Egypt “didn’t work out, probably for the best,” things at the EMIS, seemed quite propitious.

I was interviewed for the History position, and I was going to teach another course, I can’t remember which one, but during the interview process, since I had experience in the IB and in the Middle East, they asked if I would like to be considered for the coordinator job.  For me this was a huge promotion.”

Glad to have received such an opportunity, Mr. Tucker, took the position, hoping to be part of the innovating school, both for its ideals and the promise of a motivated, active student body.

Tucker was born in 1984, in Western Kansas, USA. At the age of fifteen, Tucker and his elder brother both moved to Dallas in an apartment, alone, for the first few months of the family migration. It was here, in Dallas, Texas, that Tucker first found an interest in history.

In high school, Tucker began to engage in his first relationship with a girl named Maria, who, in following her, took Tucker to the schools debate team. It was here that Mr. Tucker first found his love for knowledge. Until then, he had been into sports and physical activities, however, following “A sort of identity crisis” he:

“…. Decided to move towards, I don’t know, learning more, and so I was on the debate team and it was a completely different world to me.”

Here he became educated in political philosophy and political theory, as his interest grew, for politics. History, in the meantime, had been of no interest whatsoever, mainly because of a string of bad history teachers. It was only after he had begun studying political science at university, that Tucker’s passion for history was sparked. Merely, through a single survey course on ancient history, Tucker’s entire perspective changed. He became interested in ancient Roman history and enrolled in every history course he could find, until finally, he chose to change his major.

Now a proud teacher and IB diploma coordinator of EMIS, Mr. Tucker believes his students should consider him as a humorous, structured and fair educator.  He is bad at naming imaginary countries, but believes one should be regulated to reduce unethical, shady free markets, and consumerism. He believes society should be structured around Kantian duty ethics, as someone is obligated by duty to work hard for the imaginary society.

Most connected to the characters of Richard Rorty and Henry Thoreau, his hobbies include hiking, reading, swimming in lakes and skiing.



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