YNET experience in quotes

The EMIS journalism club was fortunate to have visited the YNET headquarters in Israel. Below are quotes from members of the Journalism Club regarding their enriching experience in YNET.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” ~Malcolm X ; ~ Tom Sagiv

“YNET was an experience I had never had before and truly, an incredibly impressive one. I particularly enjoyed visiting a live news studio and getting to see journalists in action, receiving and reporting information. It was astounding; to think of all the data that they process each day, without cease or fail.” ~ Martina Hysi

“It was amazing to see journalism in action, especially in such a performant and famous place, YNET. It made me think about a serious career in journalism.” ~ Maria Tirnovanu

” Our visit to YNET was the first activity of the EMIS Journalism Club outside the Kfar. It gave us the opportunity to look at YNET’s facilities and it motivated us once again to keep working passionately in the upcoming weeks and months. Thank you for the opportunity to go.” ~ Anna Kraeftner

“YNET was an incredible opportunity to see journalism at work in the Middle East especially through means of online broadcasting.” ~ Peter S. Mangi

“Visiting YNET was a very good experience. I learned more about one of the biggest news websites in Israel and how they do in order to obtain information quickly and effectively. Thanks to the efforts of the Journalism Club Leadership Panel!”  ~Rodrigo Ferreira

“It was very inspiring to see a real life news agency operating off an online platform. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to visit YNET.” ~Sofia Arthurs Schoppe

“I felt that the trip and visit to YNET was extremely inspiring.” ~Waleed Habib


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