Tel Aviv University – Extended Essay workshops

The EE (Extended Essay) is one of the core parts of the IB. It is a 4000-word essay, written on a specific, narrow research topic. For most IB students, the EE is pretty scary, as our diploma depends on the success of the essay. An elementary grade puts us in failing condition, and a mediocre one narrowly threatens us from not getting our diploma. [the grading system of the EE + the TOK final essay is well explained here]

The EMIS students have the luck of benefitting from the collaboration between Tel Aviv University and our school for writing the EE. We have participated, until now, in 4 workshops done by various TAU professionals, one workshop in the EMIS campus and the other three in the TAU campus. They introduced us to choosing a research topic and narrowing down our question, to academic writing and how to reference sources, as well as how to get over the hardest thing a lot of students face: practical writing. Sometimes, it might be hard to simply jot down thoughts on paper, as all the research and reading got jumbled in our thoughts. At TAU, we were given useful tips on how to overcome “writer’s block” and how to start writing qualitatively, by having lectures from professionals and people who are facing writing a PhD or research paper.

Also, EMIS students have gotten access to the library of the Tel Aviv University, which is an incredibly wide and useful world of publications and books and to the online system, which enables access to full online texts of periodicals and journals.

If you would like to see a bit of our experience at the workshops, check out this video:

[Full video credit to Canberk Bal]

Written by Maria Tirnovanu

Edited by Carlos Sevilla


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