Peek-a-Boo. Who Is There?

Peek-a-Boo. Who is there?

The shadow of a stranger

Once a friend, never more.

I started in a bubble. It burst, the unknown hurt. Air burned in my lungs, I released my first cry. A ghost with the warmest smile took me away, poured water over my body. It touched my skin and disappeared. Too soon of a departure, this acquaintance never happened.

Taken to another place, I grew like a plant. Mother, the Sun. Friends, the Soil.

Hello and goodbye Dear Home! I must depart. The bubble burst, the unknown hurt. The Sun is still up there, I enjoyed walking in the rain. The soil dispersed, worms kept it healthy.

The Sun is low now, and I crave for the warmth it once gave me. I see it hide behind the horizon. Goodbye Dear Sun, where shall I go?  I’m not ready to follow you, as I do not know the road you take. I walk in the dark now, fireflies give me the light I so much need, but even their glow dies, and so I must depart.

My road ends, I see the wall. Goodbye Dear Place, it was a pleasure. Goodbye Firefly. You, you and you. Goodbye Sun, goodbye worms and soil. Goodbye strangers, who once were called friends.

We shall not meet again.

Written by Lavinia Gavrilovici

Edited by Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe

Cross-edited by Hannah Cook


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