It’s like

A new way of thought

A new way of expression


In fun?

Oh… that’s how it is in Hebrew

But why?

It doesn’t make sense in English.

ככה זה בעברית


The language of education

The language of the United States of America

The language my relatives


When they reached the free

And promised land.

The language of freedom

The language of global communication

The language in which

I spoke my first words

My “mother tongue”


It’s not my language.

Hebrew is my language

When I speak it

My soul opens

I feel a palpable connection

To the other

With which I am speaking

I smile and laugh

More than usual

This language


My people

My being

My soul.

The abundance of languages

In this vast and changing world

Gives us

A much more diverse

Outlook on life.

Written by Hannah Cook

Edited by Tom Sagiv and Emily Perotti