The First Time I Saw It Falling From The Sky

It was a warm day for that time of the year, and we decided to take a walk by the lake. I looked at the sky from the apartment window and it looked back at me with a quiet, almost sad face. The clouds above me looked heavy, but still it did not look like they were about to start crying. The way every little thing was placed that day made my heart more sensitive to everything. Just like that. I could feel it was going to be a different day.

After hiding my skin under three layers of clothes we left the house and everything sounded promising. The natural smoke coming out of my mouth and, on this day even that looked so special to me. I thought about what people often say, that the little things in life are the things that truly make a difference. No one would ever value smoke coming from the mouth, but in that moment I was cherishing it.

Although I could feel the wind drying up all the moisture on my lips, it was still a warmer day than usual. Everything that surrounded me was looking particularly peculiar. It was as if I could almost hear the cracking of the pieces of ice melting in the streets, feel the earth breathing and moaning right belong my feet, the nature working with all that had been constructed upon it throughout the millions of years.

We don’t talk much while we walk. Yet, I knew that very moment was one that will always stick with me.

I remember seeing the lady taking off her jacket and walking into the restaurant. To the other side, a little girl, completely covered in what looked to me like infinite layers of clothing, topped off with big scarf mixing with her long blond hair, ran after her mom like a little duck. I can remember every detail vividly in my mind.

As I looked up in front of me, I saw rays of big bright light coming from the sun and stabbing the clouds. The whole scenario just looked incredibly beautiful. And we kept walking towards the lake. It was a straight line; we just needed to walk straightforward in the rock path we were on either way we did not hurry. I didn’t want to miss any details of that day.

Despite the title of a lake, I would always make the same mistake and call it a sea. It was huge, although it was not even close to the bouncy waters of the Atlantic back home. On the opposite, it was blue and calm, like a sleeping giant.

The breeze came cold in my face once again and I shivered a little. We were walking all along the lake shore as the rays of sunshine were slowly disappearing and the clouds became heavier and heavier in the sky. Everything was slowly staring to look darker and colder.

It had been hours since we left the house and at that point the temperature had definitely dropped a lot, so we decided to walk into a café. My hands were freezing. The atmosphere inside was splendid. We were facing the big, calm lake drinking hot chocolate and just enjoying the moment. I had hopelessly checked my cellphone a few thousand times for the weather on the way here so I knew this was coming. It did not matter though because sitting there in the low lights and listening to the flutter of the flames in the fireplace felt magical. Everything felt like the way it was supposed to be.

I could see that the sun was going away because the brightness irradiating from the clouds in the sky was getting weaker and weaker. However, before the sunlight completely left the horizon, I saw one little drop of white flake coming from the sky. It is nothing like rain, I thought. It fell in a slow, peaceful rhythm, like it is enjoying itself while doing so, like me walking that morning in the path, facing the lake.

Suddenly, a lot of white dots were spread in the air, forming a symphony in the atmosphere all around the café; everything was starting to look whiter and whiter. This white, however, was bright and crystal and shined in the weak light coming from the sun and later in the weak lights coming from the streets.

I looked at the cup in my hands, to the fireplace, then faced the glass doors again and appreciated it, as it majestically fell from the sky. And, I couldn’t believe how perfect it was, the first time I saw snow.

written by Gabriel Berdet

edited by Eng Sou Ea and Alisa Sophie Rasch


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