Model United Nations; Our Journey

Four months ago,  when we were still all but strangers to each other, we saw a great opportunity to introduce the foreign idea of the ‘Model United Nations’ to our EMIS family. Not knowing where we would end up, forget where, we set up a club where the wildest of expectations amounted to enjoying each other’s company and improving our oratory skills; I obviously had no idea just how far we could all get together as a team.

Enduring sleepless nights, conducting in-depth research and writing elaborate speeches, our goal was just to gain experience and be able to learn from our mistakes so that next time we could, return better and harder. In anticipation of our first major conference as a team, in The Walworth Barbour International American School in Even Yehuda (אבן יהודה), we hoped to mark the beggnining of an era of EMIS-MUN with our performance, yet little did I know that we would come back to campus with an achievement beyond any of our craziest aspirations.

Over two and a half days of tireless debate and emotional discussion, nineteen of us, each in our respective committess, deliberated topics, ranging from Protocols of Ebola Prevention, The Empowerment of Women in the workforce, to the suppresion and destruction of ISIS in the Middle East. Representing the delegations of Greece & South Korea, we delivered speeches in front of many, fought for clauses in need of ‘passing’ and voted on key decisions influencing the delegations fate. However, but best of all, met new people and made new friends.

Each and every one of us, come the closing day of the conference, had individually been recognized for their outstanding contributions and efforts in their own commitees, to such an extent where, during the award ceremonies, seven of our delegates were presented with special recognitions of either ‘Honorable Mention’ or even ‘Best Delegate’. After every name that was called coming from our school, I grew prouder and prouder of the delegates I shared a team with, but nothing had prepared me for what was yet to come.

Unbeknownst to me, was the prestigious prize that every year only one school got, the school that through collective recognizition of their individual delegates was awarded with the “Best Overall Delegation.” Even less did I know, that the EMIS-MUN Team on its very first year of existence, also being part of a school in its very first year of existence, would be awarded such a prize. The pride I felt the moment my school, my team, my family was announced, I cannot put into words (you’ll have to forgive me for that…) but hopefully you can get a vague idea of how many of us felt through the picture, a feeling and a memory that will last for me forever.


Still, if one asked me today what was the highlight of TIMEMUN ’15, for me, it wouldn’t be our incredible achievement; it would be something that would sudenly dwarf our prize, and make it seem almost insignificant. It would be the highlight and the true inspiration that came out of TIMEMUN, it would be the team spirit that we created, the atmopshere and the environment, where we all meant so much to each other and where the success of one meant the success of all.

A trophy, we can win many, yet a team like ours, EMIS-MUN, we can have only one.

Written by Tom Sagiv

Edited by Carlos Sevilla and Maria Tirnovanu


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