What do you fear?

Fear has four letters.

How sinister can that be?

Let’s try to find out.


Fear is many things,

It is the tempest outside,

Kids inside crying.

No lights in the house.

It’s too bad you’re totally

Afraid of the dark.


Spiders crawling up.

Arachnophobia sucks,

Please no creepers here.


The water was cold.

And as I took a jump in,

It swallowed me up.


It wasn’t that tall.

There was this feeling I’d fall,

So I couldn’t jump.


Rules are there to stop,

A child who’s out of line.

But who decides them.


Sometimes it is nice,

To be alone. But never,

Suffer loneliness.


Hide and Seek’s the worst.

Small spaces swallow me up.

No hiding from it.


Two alcoholics.

They do not care about me.

Just beatings and beer.


So what do you fear?

Everybody has something.

It’s okay you know.


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