ANNA! Why?Why?

WHY? I know I’m not the only one to delay articles, ok?! You know “I’m not the only one…” (Smith, Sam)

Lord!!! Inspired by Aina, my dear, I decided to take a look back at my own articles. Honestly, I feel sorry for you all who have been reading my articles specifically. Not because of their super heavy emotional content or because of the melancholy I expected everyone to feel while reading them (being that was how I felt when I wrote them), neither because of my low skilled writing, that also comes from my alliterated mind. I am sorry and I feel sorry for you.

You have all been exposed to one side of my story. If you have ever watched the TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “The Danger of a Single Story you know what I am talking about. There is a real danger in exposing and being exposed to a single story. I am here now to show you the other side of my story.

The Chemistry class has gotten so much better, but I still have already studied everything that is on the board. Why not write this article that I am sure Anna, who is across the room, would be happy about. I’m staring at her now. GOT YOU, ANNA! Anyway, Anna is going to ask me for this very article, people! But, you know, enough is enough. You shall charge me NO MORE, Anna.

I think I’m going to name this article “ANNA” but I won’t let her see it until it has been posted. A scream for freedom or a tribute? Does it even matter? Just to put you in the loop, Anna is one of the most amazing and annoyingly organized people I have EVER met! That girl does not miss any deadlines and is so on top of the game. Always being productive doing homework, blog work, announcement work, extra work, extra-extra work, … I don’t even know what other kind of work there is for us to do, you see!

Clarification: No, I do not have a crush on Anna. But, living with people, as a big family, we learn to admire all differences that are there to be noticed. For example, today, in the beginning of this class, Ma’ayan asked me extremely politely to get a “sip of my water”. “Gabriel, I’m sorry for being rude, but would you kindly allow me to have a sip of your water?” Even if I didn’t have it I would have gone to get it for her. And Sofia (New Zealand) who just gave me one of her random smiles from across the room. I smiled back, of course. Yasmim sitting next to me, and we are laughing at each other because of some silly Brazilian joke. Rodrigo, on the other side of the room, being smart. Zuza being smart. Naomi being… Well, Naomi being Naomi. And all of us being, respectively, each one of us.

Being exposed to this life is just amazing and overwhelming, in an usually good and sometimes bad way. I have just realized yesterday while taking my night shower how much I miss having the space and privacy I had before. Not because I don’t enjoy being surrounded by people all the time. But because in a boarding school, especially here, it is very hard for us to distinguish between personal life and student life, how could we distinguish? I can literally see the school I go to everyday from my room window.

I don’t miss being alone. But I miss spending time in the weekend in a different place other than… Well, other than the place that I spend every day of my week.

In any environment just like the one we have here, friendship is necessary, it is required. Otherwise, it is lonely and cold. In an environment like here, all of us need reasons. Reasons to have fun, reasons to do something about things, reasons to do something at all. I know that Anna is my reason to write. Who knows why…? I like the feeling I get after I write, and maybe someone enjoys reading it. But I write because of her charges and incentives.  So maybe I wasn’t so excited about doing it. But, here it is, in the end of the day Chemistry class, here is an article, THE article or just one more article.

Written by Gabriel Berdet

Edited by Eng Ea & Alisa Rasch


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