Model United Nations; Our Journey

Four months ago,  when we were still all but strangers to each other, we saw a great opportunity to introduce the foreign idea of the ‘Model United Nations’ to our EMIS family. Not knowing where we would end up, forget where, we set up a club where the wildest of expectations amounted to enjoying each... Continue Reading →


Everyday Life, What is That Now? – Spiegel

This article is about Anna from Austria’s journey at EMIS. Anna wrote a German article posted in the renowned Spiegel newspaper, which can be found by clicking on this link: Posted on Spiegel February 10, 2015. Everyday Life, What is that now? – Spiegel (English Translation) Everything is different: After 111 days in Israel,... Continue Reading →

Do You Love Me?

Language is power. I supported this point of view in my previous article, but unfortunately power is associated with masculinity; too often for the times we are living in. The different thing about language is that it has a special system of measuring strength. A few days ago, people from all over the world celebrated... Continue Reading →

Learning a New Language

It’s like A new way of thought A new way of expression בכיף In fun? Oh… that’s how it is in Hebrew But why? It doesn’t make sense in English. ככה זה בעברית English The language of education The language of the United States of America The language my relatives Adopted When they reached the... Continue Reading →

The Death Of Hope

May 15th, 2014, the time was 2:30 pm. 70 minutes had passed since I started playing football. Suddenly, my ears picked up the sound of my name being called out by my friend who was shouting at me frantically. I approached him and he asked me to check on my brother who failed to hold... Continue Reading →

Rodrigo’s Science Journal #4

Lecture with Prof. Haick Last week, on Friday, we attended a lecture given by Prof. Hossam Haick. He teaches at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and is an expert in the field of nanotechnology, nanosensors, non-invasive disease diagnosis. During his career, Prof. Haick was awarded with prestigious awards and more than 40 international... Continue Reading →

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